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A place where we craft​​digital experiences

Who we are and
What we do​

Formed in 2019, Aerea Co. is an independent IT Managed Support Services & Digital Marketing Firm whose creatives and engineers are fascinated by the pursuit of ease & efficiency. Our founder brings over 15 years of experience and knowledge of the Industry to our organization. We promote an open and cooperative culture to offer our clients diverse and informative support strategies to best serve your needs. We spot, track and then re-create the best digital experiences across the web. We love and craft high-end design solutions, perfect user interfaces and seamless user experiences for a wide array of users!

We stand apart from other agencies and web studios. We offer a wide array of creative and strategic services for brands, companies, foundations, and other remarkable organizations. We assist and educate our clients. We provide cloud IT support & webhosting. We’re a one stop shop that accommodates various support models and dynamic range of services for our clients.

Our website offers you a platform where you can have your website incorporated in with our web hosting and maintenance services.


• We’re among the few web designing company offering Paid Web Hosting.

• We provide you with a website to accompany our full-service digital marketing agency.

• We help you build your online presence and promote your business online.

• We also offer domain name registration and web hosting services.

• We’re the web design company that

We cater to various levels of businesses and many different organization types. We are committed to our clients’ success, and we constantly strive to deliver the best outcomes possible for each of our valued customers. If you are looking for support for an array of various services we offer dedicated, part-time, & virtual support resources.

Our primary focus is client satisfaction. We are happy to put your trust in our company. So if you are looking for a web design & development agency in Chicago, then Aerea Co. should be at the top of your list.
What To Expect From A Company Like This?

1. Qualitative & Quantitative Tests

2. Customization: We have years of experience with web design and web hosting.

3. Dedicated Customer Support: Our customer support team is open from 9am to 7pm Mon-Fri. You can get in touch with us anytime.

4. Design Services: We provide various design services as well as web hosting and maintenance services.

5. Award Winning Projects: We have won several awards for our work.

6. Competitive Pricing: Our prices are competitive, but we provide excellent value for money.

7. Networking Opportunities: We are a member of many associations and organizations that help us connect with our clients and customers.

As we mentioned before, we have over 15 years of experience in this field. We provide clients with high quality services and solutions at reasonable rates. If you are looking for a web design company with high standards, then make sure you are checking out Aerea Co.

We're scalable

We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with small boutiques to large global brands. A lot comes down to the quality of your relationship with them and we don’t plan to change this.

Private Cloud

Our Services

Cloud Services

Deployment & Migration services for AWS, Azure, GCP & Others

Web Development

Website hosting & design. WordPress, Custom JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Managed Services

Server & Network Administration, Data Recovery, & Security Monitoring

Media Production

Digital Graphic, Photography, Music & Video Production

Digital Marketing

Automation, Content Development, Podcast, Live Streaming

Training & Consulting

Online Tech Training, Business Infrastructure Consulting

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